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FAQ - Terms, Conditions & Specifications

Please read carefully before placing your order.

1. Payment Terms

A completed and signed order form along with full payment is required before we will start working on your order.

2. Design Fee

The first hour of design fee is billed on this order. All additional hours will be invoiced at $75 per hour. All invoices are payable in 28 days. Customer will be responsible for all costs of collection.
TIP - If we are designing your job, you can keep your design fees lower if you send a neatly written mock up of how you would like your layout.
  3. Submitting your own design
    Please contact our office or visit our web site for file type, exact trim sizes and specifications prior to submitting digital files. Design fees are reduced only if your files are submitted EXACTLY to our specifications.
Your photos and artwork will print as you submitted. We do not color correct or enhance images unless instructed to do so in writing.
  4. Proofs
Call 480.497.0807
  For your convenience, we will post your design on our web site for you to review & proof. (See Color Variance below) A signed approval must be sent to us before printing will begin.

5. Color Variance

  We do not offer exact color matching. If your job is color critical please order a color proof. Color proofs vary in price depending on product being ordered and add 1-2 weeks to the turn-around time.
If you produce your own color proof we cannot guarantee we will be able to match the colors since your proof is not calibrated to match our press. Also keep in mind that most color monitors are often inaccurate.
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